Seal Wax Metallic Coloring Pen - 3 Colors

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Our sealing wax metallic coloring pen is smooth, glossy, waterproof, fast drying, and fade resistant. With fiber nib, metal body, and the ball inside the pen. This coloring pen is available in 1.0mm and 2.0mmg nibs sizes, and in three colors: red-gold, gold, and silver. 

In addition to coloring sealing wax, our Seal Wax Metallic Coloring Pen is versatile and can be used for embellishments, signatures, cartoons, card making, and DIY crafts. 

How to Use the Coloring Pen:

When using the pen for the first time, the nib is white, so please tighten the cap and shake the pen a few times, then remove the cap and lightly press it a few times on a flat sheet of paper until the ink comes out and then you can use it. Please be gentle when using the pen to avoid damaging the nib. After use, please tighten the cap and put it flatly, then shake the pen barrel before using it again and put it flat after use.

Warm tips: paint pen is quantitative ink, shake the pencil before use. If the shaking is too strong to throw the refill out, please do not worry, put the refill back in and continue to use.

How to Use Wax for Letter Seal :

1. Put some sealing wax in the melting spoon.
2. Waiting for the sealing wax to melt
3. Pour the melted wax onto the envelope you want to seal.
4. Press the stamp into the wax. Wait for 20 to 30 seconds for the wax to be set.
5. Once the wax has cooled, lift the stamp gently.

Didn't find the desired wax seal stamp? We also have a wax seal stamp custom with your artwork. Perhaps you are also interested in our sealing waxwax melting tools, and wax seal stamps & handles. All wax seal stamps in our shop have removable handles, you can choose other handles to match freely.

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