12 Kinds of Green Sealing Wax Sticks

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This is a green-themed wickless sealing wax stick set with 12 different greens, both matte and pearlescent shiny surface, size 11x135mm/0.43 "x5.31", one wax sealing stick can make about 7-10 wax seals. You can use it with the 11mm Gule Gun, which is perfect for making wax seals in bulk.

@Colors: Mint Green, Blue-Green, Grass Green, Tender Green, Turquoise Green, Green Gold, Deep Green, Duck Green, Yellow Green, Subdued Green, Mustard Green, Dark Green

Need to pay attention:
Due to different monitor configurations, resulting in color difference problems, please prevail in kind.

You can find the matching Glue Gun here.

How to Use the Glue Gun:  Hot melt glue gun instruction video

How to Use Wax for Letter Seal :

1. You can use a knife or scissors to cut into pieces and put them in the melter. Or hold the sealing wax stick in the melter.
2. Waiting for the sealing wax to melt
3. Pour the melted wax onto the envelope you want to seal.
4. Press the stamp into the wax. Wait for 20 to 30 seconds for the wax to be set.
5. Once the wax has cooled, lift the stamp gently.

Didn't find the desired wax seal stamp? We also have a wax seal stamp custom with your artwork. Perhaps you are also interested in our sealing waxwax melting tools, and wax seal stamps & handles. All wax seal stamps in our shop have removable handles, you can choose other handles to match freely.

Note: The sealing wax stick is dyed, and the surface may be uneven, which is a normal phenomenon. The length of time when melting the sealing wax strip will cause the color to vary.

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