Stunning Plant Series Wax Seal Stamp -For Nature Lover

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Our Stunning Plant Series Wax Sea Brass Head is mainly engraved from brass, and the superb engraving craftsmanship can bring a stamp with clear details. You can see the size of each stamp in the options. A total of 18 styles can be selected, including these lovely items like different flowers, butterflies, bees, plants, etc. Let's have fun with the wax sealing together!

Our stamps for wax seals are engraved in solid brass, a metal that is both gorgeous and exactly the right hardness to hold perfect detail. We use canvas bags and cardboard boxes to ensure that your custom wax seal stamp will arrive to you in perfect condition.

Didn't find the desired wax seal stamp? We also have a wax seal stamp custom with your artwork. Perhaps you are also interested in our sealing waxwax melting tools, and wax seal stamps & handles. All wax seal stamps in our shop have removable handles, you can choose other handles to match freely.

How to Use Wax for Letter Seal :

1. Put some sealing wax in the melting spoon.
2. Waiting for the sealing wax to melt
3. Pour the melted wax onto the envelope you want to seal.
4. Press the stamp into the wax. Wait for 20 to 30 seconds for the wax to be set.
5. Once the wax has cooled, lift the stamp gently.


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