Wooden Wax Seal Handle - 9 Styles


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Our Wooden Wax Seal Handle is an exclusive limited-edition boutique with a choice of 3 woods, African Blackwood, Monzon Wood, and Pterocarpus Macrocarpus Wood. The Wooden Wax Seal Handle is made of solid wood carving, and there are 9 choices of shapes such as Christmas tree, chess, Roman column, and rabbit. The mild solid wood touch and the native wood pattern add a lot of brilliance to this Wooden Wax Seal Handle.

Rather than calling it a wax seal handle, I prefer to call it a craft ornament. When combined with our wax seal stamp, it is a beautiful piece of art to display anywhere in your home. Therefore, whether it is a birthday gift or a holiday gift, for family and friends, our Wooden Wax Seal Handle will not disappoint your choice.

You can easily find your favorite style in the picture, below are the size details of each handle:

African Blackwood STM-01: 88*28mm

African Blackwood STM-02: 85*28mm

African Blackwood STM-03: 86*26mm

Monzo Wood STM-04: 56*28mm

Monzo Wood STM-05: 53*28mm

African Blackwood STM-06: 85*30mm

African Blackwood STM-07: 65*30mm

Pterocarpus  Macrocarpus Wood STM-08: 91*18mm

Pterocarpus  Macrocarpus Wood STM-08: 100*25mm


Didn't find the desired wax seal stamp? We also have a wax seal stamp custom with your artwork. Perhaps you are also interested in our sealing waxwax melting tools, and wax seal stamps & handles. All wax seal stamps in our shop have removable handles, you can choose other handles to match freely.

How to Use Wax for Letter Seal :

1. Put some sealing wax in the melting spoon.
2. Waiting for the sealing wax to melt
3. Pour the melted wax onto the envelope you want to seal.
4. Press the stamp into the wax. Wait for 20 to 30 seconds for the wax to be set.
5. Once the wax has cooled, lift the stamp gently.

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