How to Choose the Sealing Wax?

How to choose the sealing wax? sticks or beads? wick or wickless?

For many beginners who are just starting to make wax seals, these are the most frequently asked questions. However, in our experience, there is no absolute answer to this question.

Instead of comparing out whether sealing wax sticks or sealing wax beads are better, I would rather share with you the different types of sealing wax and how it is used, which can help you to choose the sealing wax that better suits your usage habits.


First, let's distinguish the types of sealing wax.

According to the shape, we can divide into wax beads and wax sticks, and there are different kinds of sealing wax sticks such as wick wax sticks, wickless wax sticks, and glue gun wax sticks. And according to the glossy effect of sealing wax, we also distinguish different types of matte sealing wax, pearlized sealing waxglitter sealing wax and so on.

The choice you make will affect the melting tool you need to use and the final result of the wax seal.

Wick Sealing Wax Sticks

In my opinion, wick sealing wax sticks seems to be the most convenient, but the operation process is not easy to master. Because you only need to light the wick with a flame to keep the wax stick melting without additional tools such as a furnace and a spoon.However, this melting speed will be relatively slow, especially when you make a larger wax seal and need more wax,  the melting time is longer, when you press the stamp, the wax that drips first in front may already solidify, which will seriously affect the effect of your wax seal.

In addition, it is also important to note that the ashes from wick burning can easily fall into the melted sealing wax and cause black spots. A tip for you here is to hold the wax stick horizontally and rotate it slowly while melting so the wax drips evenly onto the surface.

Wickless Sealing Wax Sticks

wickless sealing wax sticks require more melting tools than wick sealing wax sticks — a melting spoon and a tea light candle. You can use a knife or scissors to cut wax sticks into pieces and put them in the melting spoon, or hold the wax sticks in the spoon and wait for it to melt. This method allows the sealing wax to be heated more evenly.  Another tip for you here is the melting spoon should be held slightly above the flame to avoid burning the bottom of the spoon.Then, setting up the melting spoon on the furnace and put the tea litght candle under the furnace will avoid this situation very well.

The shortcoming is that it requires one to eyeball the amount of wax needed to create a seal. It will take some practice, time and patience.

Wickless Sealing Wax Sticks  | Skip the Moon: Wax Seal Stamp Custom


Sealing Wax Beads

The process of using sealing wax beads is basically the same as that of the wickless sealing wax stick, but it is more convenient because the process of cutting the wax stick into beads is less.

In general, I think sealing wax beads are more suitable for beginners as they can be heated evenly with the help of a melting spoon, and is also a great method for creating trendy wax marbling by easy to mix multiple colors wax beads.

Sealing Wax Beads | Skip the Moon: Wax Seal Stamp Custom


Glue Gun Wax Sticks

While wax beads have greatly improved convenience, they are still not as convenient as glue gun wax sticks if you want to make a large number of wax seals. It is ideal for mass-producing wax seals and only requires a low heat glue gun. Such as adding your exclusive wax seal to your wedding invitations, melting with a glue gun efficiently shortens the time required to create a wax seal. 

One tip here is that you can maintain the wax temperature by turning the glue gun on and off. Please get yourself a brand new glue gun for your wax seal project as glues left in a used glue gun will affect the final presentation of your seals. We also suggest using the same color with 1 glue gun as it is costly for you to change from one wax color to another using the same glue gun.

Glue Gun Wax Sticks  | Skip the Moon: Wax Seal Stamp Custom

Finally, as mentioned above, there are very many types of seal wax textures and colors. Matte waxes look more premium and reflect the details of the seal, while glitter and pearlescent ones are more shiny, so you can choose according to your preference. In addition, you can also mix and melt different colors of sealing wax to create your work, which is an enjoyable process that you need to explore on your own.

We hope the above article can help you understand how to choose sealing wax. If you have other questions, please read our other articles to learn more about wax seal stamp know how and tips:




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